Emergency Procedure

Situations Requiring:

  • Police Department
  • Fire Department
  • Ambulance/EMS

Call KSU Police Department at 470-578-6666

What to do if you smell gas?

Call:  470-578-6666 or 911

This is a reminder that Kennesaw State University is served by natural gas. If you smell natural gas (rotten egg smell) or hear a hissing sound coming from piping while on campus, please leave the area immediately and call 470-578-6666 or 911 from a safe location. If you are inside a building, while exiting, do not turn on or off light switches. Do not use the telephone or do anything that may create a spark. Also, there should be no digging on campus without notifying the Facilities Services first at 470-578-6224, as damage to the natural gas pipeline may occur.

Maintenance Related Emergencies:

  • Leaking Pipes and Overflowing Toilets
  • Storm Damage, etc.
  • Electrical Power Disruption
  • Gas Leak

During Work Hours Call: 470-578-6224

After Hours Call: 470-578-6666