Space Management

  • Space planning is a function of the Office of Campus Planning and Sustainability; the focus is on efficient use of current and planned properties and facilities. When departments are in need of new space, we help them find it or plan for it through renovation and new construction projects.

    The Office of Campus Planning & Sustainability maintains a detailed space inventory, which classifies all space into one of nine major assignable use categories (e.g. office, conference room, general classroom, lab, etc…)  Each of these categories encompasses several subcategories.  This inventory allows us to track the total square footage devoted to different space categories, compare this with industry norms and best practices, and plan effectively for changes overtime.

  • Coming soon. Contact Jenny Morris for details.

  • As with all space planning, construction, or change requests, initiating a request as early as possible is essential to its timely completion. It is especially important to allow adequate time to plan, schedule, and secure University approvals.

  • The Office of Campus Planning and Sustainability does not assign classroom or lab space.  A submitted request to modify or change classroom or lab space must be first reviewed and approved by the Department Dean and the registrar’s office.

  • Campus Planning and Design and Construction will need as much information as possible to consider a space change or reallocation request.  The following types of information are needed to help refine the request:

    • Current use of space in question
    • Assigned occupant of space in question
    • Proposed use of space in question
    • Number of faculty, staff space will need to accommodate
      • Are staff, faculty full time or part time?
      • Does number include funded, but not filled, positions?
    • Number of students space will need to accommodate (for classroom, lab, or study space)
      • Is there anticipated program growth included in number of students that will need to be accommodated?
    • Are physical changes to space needed?
    • Are potential mechanical or infrastructure changes needed to space?
    • Is there a source of funds for any potential renovations?
      • Please note, if a renovation is needed, a project planning request form must be submitted after the space request has been approved.